Our offer is fully presented below. Outside of its scope, we often take orders for customized products. Please, contact us by means of our contact form, where you can give us the detailed description of the product you need. In case of an individualized order, we first create and deliver prototype parts, which you can use to test our quality.

About us

We are present on the door automation market since 2004. We produce all kinds of sliding elements and slides of different sizes and shapes, with and without damping, as well as mounting parts such as support trunkings and various sorts of consoles. Our offer also includes rollers and roller carriages used in door automation, all kinds of ferrules, and handles of C and H types, one- and two-sided, made of acid-proof steel, with customized fixing intervals. Additionally, we offer services regarding stainless steel processing (as acid-proof steel, aluminium, and alloys), plastics processing, and production of small-scale equipment with use of stamping press.

Our machines

Our up-to-date toolbox is presented below. Thanks to it, we are able to meet requirements of all our clients.

– Bench drills with drilling diameter of 4 to 24 mm,
– Tapping machines of 4 to 20 mm range of threads,
– Eccentric and hydraulic presses of pressure force of 6, 25, and 40 tonnes,
– Bench-mounted milling machines of travel length of 800 mm,
– Lathes of turning diameter up to 200 mm and turning length up to 1500 mm,
– Pipe polishers,
– TIG welders,
– Band and circular saws used to cut aluminium, plastics, and steel,
We produce a variety of steel elements using laser-cut technology and bending machines.


We cooperate with market-leading companies specializing in door automation as well as with door automation services. We also collaborate with many firms working in the fields of construction, industry, and agriculture.

Contact form

19-300 Mołdzie
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Polish sales

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